Score calculation for PTE Academic Reading Module

Score calculation for PTE Academic Reading Module

In PTE Academic Reading is the scariest module if you don't have awareness and readiness for the module. We would like to throw some light on PTE Academic Reading Module scoring.

PTE Academic reading comprises 5 question types. PFB the question types and marks.

Question Type

Number of questions

1 Mark for

Fill in the blanks – Dropdown


Each rightly answered blank.

Fill in the blanks- Drag & Drop


Each rightly answered blank.

Reorder Paragraph


For every two paragraphs arranged in sequence.

Multiple Choice Single Answer


Each correct choice

Multiple choice Multiple Answer


Each correct ( also -1 for each wrong answer)  worst score for each question is still zero.

Remaining marks will depend on your performance in Read Aloud, Summarize Written Text, Highlight Correct Summary, Highlight Incorrect Words.

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