About B.P.C

In the autumn of 2013, a passionate trainer started Best PTE Coaching ( BPC) in Hyderabad. The goal was to boost the awareness on PTE academic and to foster the success rate of the test takers. In the first few batches, this PTE exam training center has received highly positive feedback along the bright scores.  In the last five-plus years, Best PTE Coaching has helped hundreds PTE Academic aspirants realize their Australian Permanent residency and Student Visa dreams. BPC has trained test takers from 10+ countries thus far with an impeccable success rate. One of the reason for BPC to be successful in the field of pte coaching is the quality approach rather than a quantity approach. BPC works with limited test takers to make sure that the enrolled get the best of the coaching in the industry. 
BPC is pte success rate is the highest when compared Number of people trained vs the number of successful scores in the single attempt.

What problem are we solving ?

BPC solves PTE coaching problem, there are umpteen number of PTE coaching centers in India, abroad and tons of videos that are made on the PTE exam preparation (Like PTE Academic Super tip, Hyper tip. Tip top tip and many more). If there are humongous amount of resources available online why the test taker success percentage is not going up ? simply, because of the information overflow..!!  At BPC we offer wide range of PTE training services classroom and online both modes which can help the test takers finish the PTE exam in a single attempt or at least in lesser attempts..!!

Highly Regarded Trainer:

Our chief trainer Mr.Sandeep is the only trainer to be published on all the official books of PTE Academic that are Official Guide to PTE, PTE Practice Test Plus vol.1 and 2, Aspire C1.

All the PTE training sessions by BPC will be either conducted by Sandeep or supervised by him to ensure the quality throughout the coaching and to deliver what is committed to the test takers.