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6 Tips for PTE Reading and Writing FIB

6 Tips PTE Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks
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6 Tips for PTE Reading and Writing FIB

The “Fill in the Blanks” task in the PTE Reading section requires you to complete a text by filling in the missing words. Here are some tips to help you answer this task successfully:
1. Read the text carefully: Before attempting to fill in the blanks, make sure you understand the overall meaning and context of the text.
2. Look for clues: The words that come before and after the blank can provide important clues about the word that is missing.
Use your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar: The missing words are likely to be common vocabulary and grammar structures that you have studied.

Eliminate unlikely options: Read through the options for each blank and eliminate any words that seem unlikely based on the context of the text.

Check for spelling and grammar: After filling in each blank, reread the text to make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct.

Review your work: Before submitting your answers, review the entire text to make sure that all the blanks have been filled in and that the text makes sense as a whole.

Remember, the “Fill in the Blanks” task is designed to test your ability to understand and use English, so it’s important to approach it with confidence and focus.
By following these tips and practicing with sample questions, you can improve your performance on this task and achieve a higher score on the PTE Reading and Writing section

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