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ielts vs pte
Best PTE

IELTS vs PTE Simplest Comparison ever!!

” In a nutshell the main difference between IELTS and PTE Academic is that pte is truly a computer based exam which assessed by the AI machine whereas the IELTS Paper based and Computer Delivered tests Reading, Listening are automated. “ Now let’s compare these popular English exams on these …

pte online classes
Best PTE

7 Compelling Reasons for PTE Online Preparation!!

The PTE Academic exam is taken for various purpose like study abroad, work abroad, permanent residency, citizenship etc., since it is a high stakes English exam the PTE preparation part before the test plays a vital role. Usually, the test-takers choose one of these ways for their pte preparation. Joining …

PTE Dictation Tips
Best PTE

Write from Dictation in 5 minutes.

  What you are supposed to do in Write from Dictation? After listening to a sentence, type the sentence as it is. What are the skills assessed in the Write from Dictation? Listening & Writing. Understanding the Write from Dictation better. The audio begins to play by default. You can …

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