Learn Read Aloud Basics in 5 minutes.

PTE Read Aloud
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Learn Read Aloud Basics in 5 minutes.

What you are supposed to do in Read Aloud ?

A piece of text is displayed on the screen and you are supposed to read the text clearly.

What are the skills assessed in Read Aloud task?

Speaking & Reading both.

How many words to be read in a task?

Up to 60 words.

How much time is given to answer a question?

You get preparation time and answering time in seconds, that depends on the length of the task.

Understanding the task process step by step:

  1. You get to see the countdown until the recording starts and yes, this time is given for preparation or rehearsal. (Typically 25-40 seconds)
  2. You’ll hear short tone or a beep sound once preparation time’s up.
  3. Once you hear the Short sound or beep sound start reading the text as naturally as possible.
  4. Once you are done with reading the complete text, click the next button immediately.

Note: After the 2nd step, if you keep quiet for longer than 3 seconds the recording stops.

Tips for PTE Academic Read Aloud :

Use correct punctuation to stop and start reading at punctuation marks.

Stress the words that convey important information in the text.

Read at a natural speed, do not rush as it can hamper the score in both PTE Speaking and reading skills.


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