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New Trial Questions in PTE Academic speaking module

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New Trial Questions in PTE Academic speaking module

If you are about to take the PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKVI between April 10 and July 31, 2024, you might come across one or two question types in the Speaking section that are unfamiliar to you. This is because PTE is currently testing these new questions to understand how they function in a test setting.

These new question types are similar to existing ones on the test and will assess the same English skills. However, it’s important to note that you will not be scored on these questions. Nonetheless, PTE recommends the test-takers, you complete them to maintain the flow of your test. Your responses will contribute to our research.

For more information about the new question types and answers to any questions you may have about the trial, please refer to the details provided below.

PTE Speaking Trial Question No.1 : Respond to a situation.

In this question type, you will be presented with a situation and asked to respond verbally.

Step 1: Situation is presented on screen for you to read and also, it will be read by a speaker you may listen to the situation also.

Step 2: You get 10 seconds to prepare for your answer.

Step 3: You get to hear a beep sound and you have 40 seconds time to submit a submit your spoken response or answer.

A sample PTE Respond to situation Question is here:

You have an essay due tomorrow, but you have been feeling sick for the past two weeks. You visited the clinic and obtained a doctor’s note. Although you are feeling better now, you need to ask your professor for an extension over the weekend. You go to your professor’s office and once the audio finishes, you have 10 seconds to prepare your answer. After a short tone, the microphone opens, and you have 40 seconds to speak your response.

Screenshot Respond to a situation:

PTE Speaking Trial Question No.2 :

In this PTE speaking trial question type, you will three people discussing on a topic, you will listen to this audio and summarize this group discussion within 2 minutes time.

Step 1: Listening to group discussion audio.

Step 2: 10 seconds to prepare to give the answer.

Step 3: After a beep sound you have 2 minutes time to summarize the group discussion orally.

A sample Sample Summarize Group Discussion Question is here:

you will hear three people having a discussion three students are discussing living on campus the people at the accommodation office want to know who’s coming back to live on campus next year we’ve got to let them know for sure by next week it sounds like most people are coming back what are you guys going to do have you decided yet yeah I have I’ve deced decided to keep living on campus once the audio finishes you have 10 seconds to prepare your answer after a short tone the microphone opens you have 2 minutes to speak your answer into the microphone summarize what you heard three students are talking about where they’re going to leave next year one of them is asking the other students


Remember these question types both respond to a situation and summarizing group discussion are trial questions and you don’t get any score by answering these two tasks currently as part of your Pearson PTE Academic exam.

Stay focused, stay positive, and good luck with your PTE exam preparation!

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