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Answer Short Question in 5 minutes.

PTE Answer Short Questions learn the basics in just 5 mins
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Answer Short Question in 5 minutes.


What you are supposed to do in Answer Short Question?

After listening to a basic question you have to answer it using one or more words.

What are the skills assessed in the Answer Short Question?

Speaking and Listening.

How much time is given to answer a question?

10 seconds for answering.

Understanding the task process step by step:

  1. The audio of a question starts playing automatically.
  2. The status box displays count down.
  3. You hear a short tone or a beep sound.
  4. The status box now shows recording.
  5. Once you see the recording, you have to answer the question.
  6. When you are done with recording, click next immediately.


  • After the 4th step, if you keep quiet for longer than 3 seconds the recording stops.

Tips for PTE Academic Retell lecture :

  • Try to understand the question.
  • Be spontaneous with your answer.

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