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PTE Core the new exam for work, settle in Canada?

“For several years, individuals seeking an alternative English Language Test for employment and settlement in Canada have been eagerly anticipating a solution. The wait is soon to come to an end with the imminent launch of PTE Core, a highly anticipated test. Presently, a significant number of aspiring Canadian workers and migrants opt for the IELTS-General exam. However, for those who have tried their luck with IELTS without success, PTE Core emerges as a promising alternative.”

What is PTE Core?

PTE Core is an  upcoming general English test that is set to be introduced in early 2024( very soon) and has received approval for Canadian migration body that IRCC.

PTE Core, a recent inclusion in  Pearson Test of English (PTE) suite. This 4-skills test evaluates your everyday English proficiency and is especially suitable for individuals aiming to work, migrate, or obtain permanent residency in Canada. PTE Core is officially recognized by the Canadian Government (IRCC) across all economic visa categories.

What is the difference between PTE Core and PTE Academic ?

Difference No.1: PTE Core focuses on English skills in day-to-day situations rather than academic settings. For example you may be asked to read a magazine article or write an email etc., whereas PTE Academic focuses on Academic English and contents of the test are lectures, paragraphs and passages from variety of academic sources.

Difference No.2: PTE Core is a test that meant for for those who want to work or  settle in Canada whereas PTE Academic test is meant for those who want to study anywhere in world and those who want to work and settle in countries Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom.

Test Study across the world Work, Settle in Canada Work, Settle in Australia, NZ, UK
PTE Core No Yes No
PTE Yes No Yes


It tests speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of the test taker.

It is recognized by IRCC for work, migration, and permanent residency in Canada.

PTE Core is a single sitting exam like PTE Academic.

PTE Core exam results are expected within 2 working days.

PTE Core exam uses automated scoring technology which reduces the bias and can lead to fairer results.

Once the PTE Core test is launched, get familiar with the test and learn the strategies for each task, practice each task adequately to get comfortable with the test flow.

Once the PTE Core is launched, it will be available for booking ( PTE Core is expected to be launched in early 2024)

Once the PTE Core is launched, it will be available for booking ( PTE Core is expected to be launched in early 2024)

Once PTE Core is launched within 15 days of time www.bestptecoaching.com will start the comprehensive preparation program for the test preparation.

Yes, the PTE Core test is developed for IRCC by Pearson.

The coaching content includes, understanding each task of pte core and learning the smart methods, steps to answer each and every task.

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