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Learn Repeat Sentence in 5 minutes.

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Learn Repeat Sentence in 5 minutes.

Repeat Sentence is one of the crucial task in PTE Academic exam, here is the quick info on the task.

What you are supposed to do in Repeat Sentence ?

After listening to the recording of a sentence, you have to repeat it.

What are the skills assessed in the Repeat sentence task?

Speaking & Listening both.

How many words to be read in a task?

Up to 20 words.

How much time is given to answer a question?

Up to 15 seconds.

Understanding the task process step by step:

  1. The audio of the sentence begins automatically.
  2. The status box shows recording after the sentence completely played.
  3. Once you see the recording, you have to repeat the sentence that you heard as it is.
  4. When you are done with recording, click next immediately.


  • After the 2nd step, if you keep quiet for longer than 3 seconds the recording stops.
  • You don’t get to hear the beep sound or short tone in this task.

Tips for PTE Academic Read Aloud :

  • Listen to recording carefully.
  • Copy both stress and intonation from the recording.
  • Repeat the sentence as naturally as possible


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