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PTE Training for Australia PR

PTE Training for Australia PR

PTE Online Classes by Master Trainer from India.

Are you done with your Masters in Australia ?

Are you living in “Australia” on “Temporary Resident Visa” ?
Are you “willing to settle” in Australia by getting the “Australia PR” ?
Are you willing to “crack PTE with 79 score with smartest methods” ?
If your answer is a YES then this “High Impact PTE Training” is for you !!

Are you done with your Masters in Australia ?

Are you living in “Australia” on “Temporary Resident Visa” ?
Are you “willing to settle” in Australia by getting the “Australia PR” ?
Are you willing to “crack PTE with 79 score with smartest methods” ?
If your answer is a YES then this “High Impact PTE Training” is for you !!

A permanent resident visa is granted for the non-citizens of Australian continent, who aim to permanently live and work in Australia. For getting Australia permanent, the applicants are expected to get either IELTS 7 or 8 band score equivalent score in PTE Academic.
IELTS 8/9 band equivalent PTE Academic score : 79/90.
IELTS 7/9 band equivalent PTE Academic score : 65/90.
Did the PTE required changed from 79 to 84 ? 
No, pte has modified its scores against IELTS Academic not general so that you don’t have to worry about the augmented score as of now.
PTE Coaching in Australia:
 We conduct pte classes in Australia through pte online training classes, these classes are as of now serving students who are looking for pte coaching in Sydney, pte coaching in Melbourne, pte training in Sydney, pte training  in Adelaide, pte course in Brisbane, best pte coaching in Melbourne.
Online pte classes:
Online classes are the new normal, and we are experts in PTE Online training in Australia, plenty of students leveraged our online classes in the last few years. We started pte online classes in Sydney in the year of 2015, then eventually we started PTE online classes in Melbourne in the next year, with the influx of referrals we launched pte classes in Brisbane.
Who is the trainer?
The trainer is Pearson PTE certified master trainer with 7+ years of rich pte training experience, who had trained students looking for pte coaching in Sydney, pte coaching in Melbourne, pte coaching in Brisbane with his enormous pte exam knowledge.
How many trainers are going to train me?
Our Master Trainer delivers all the pte classes that we conduct in Australia via online training software, leaving zero margin for error. If you wish to experience a FREE pte session, reach out to us without any hesitation.
What is the duration of the pte training?
The duration pte classes is one month. We have been training students looking forward to pte classes in Sydney, pte classes in Melbourne, pte classes in Brisbane, pte sessions in Adelaide and rest of the Australia.
Do I get PTE tips, tricks and strategies?
Absolutely, all the pte tips, tricks and strategies are part of our PTE classes in Australia.
Is there any suitable pte batch for Australia students?
Yes, we have Australia oriented pte batch at 3:30pm to 5:00pm IST which has been helping the pte candidates in Australia.
Should I be living in a specific city to take PTE Training?
No, that is not a problem at all, since the all the pte classes are online sessions, there is no problem with the location, you can be anywhere in world to take these session.
So far from Australia how many students have you trained in PTE getting a 79 score?
We have helped 1000+ pte students from Australia and they have taken our pte classes in Sydney, pte training in Melbourne, pte coaching in Brisbane and rest of the Australia for permanent residence and temporary residency reasons.
What is the cost your pte training classes:
The cost of our pte training classes in Australia is super-affordable for the student who are aspiring to get 79 score in PTE academic. The cost of the training 245 Australian Dollar inclusive of taxes, which is comparatively lesser than the pte training in Sydney, pte coaching in Brisbane, pte coaching in Adelaide, pte training in Melbourne, pte course in Sydney. So, you get a high-impact training at a very reasonable fee.
What does the 245 AUD PTE training program includes?
The program includes pte training classes by Pearson PTE’s certified master trainer, who also trained 500+ trainers and also who reviewed 5+ pte academic official books internationally. It includes 90/90 score preparation plan, 2 one to one assessments by the trainer and one official pte mock test which is worth ~60AUD, also it has a validity of 3 months, which means you can attend the sessions any number of time during these 3 months validity. If you want extra validity, we can provide you that at a reasonable extra cost.


PTE for Australia PR

Complete Training, Assessments & Guidance.
245 AUD Complete Training & Guidance.
  • Special Batch for Australia from 9:00pm to 10:30pm.
  • Training by PTE Certified Master Trainer.
  • Free Genuine PTE Mock ( for accuracy).
  • Super Simple Techniques, Processes and Methods.
  • Assessment & Feedback for writing & speaking tasks.
  • Access to our practice material.
  • Previous score report analysis for avoiding mistakes.
  • PracticeTracker for focused preparation.
  • Option to take recorded classes, in case of you are absent.
High Impact
Google Rating
PTE Summarize Written Text Techniques.
PTE Summarize Spoken Text Methods.
PTE Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks Simple Strategy & Process.
PTE Reading Fill in the blanks Simple Strategy & Process.
PTE Write from Dictation Simple Method & Process.
PTE Repeat Sentence Simplest Method & Process
PTE Re-order Paragraphs Simplest Method & process.
PTE Essay Writing Simplest Method & process.
Plan of Action for 79 Preparation for all 20 taks in PTE Academic.

What is PTE Academic & How much should I score to get Australia PR ?

  1. PTE Academic is a language proficiency test offered by Pearson. It has four module speaking, writing, reading and listening.

   2. The duration of PTE is around 3 hours.

  3. PTE exam training in Australia opted by the candidates who want to get Australia PR.

  4. PTE Academic test’s maximum score in each section speaking, writing, reading and listening is 90.

 5. In order to get eligible for Australia Permanent Residency, one should get 65/90 or 79/90 in all the sections of PTE Academic.

 6.If a candidate gets 65/90 in all modules he/ she receives 10 points for PR application, while getting 79/90 gets 20 points for the same PR application candidature.

The common mistakes of PTE students in Australia:

  1. Since the students preparing for the test, pressed for time, they try to take pte training classes near to their residence or work, and most of the cases they don’t get expert training.
  2. Many students from Australia take online pte training from those who cleared the test, in this the draw back is the trainer is not a professional trainer and he / she is a part time trainer, the one who is teaching you can be a good be good at test but may not be able understand, your pain points and serve you.
  3. Majority of the students taking PTE Training in Sydney, PTE Training in Melbourne, PTE Training in Adelaide, PTE Training in Canberra, PTE Training in Perth depend on PTE repeated questions only, they memorize, byheart and memorize the repeated pte questions, doing this is taking a huge risk because you are just banking on these not working on techniques, strategies much and all the repeated questions cannot be seen in the exam. 
  4. A great number of Indian students in Australia take online pte classes from the foreigners, in the learning perspective it is great, but when it comes to assessments native pte trainers may not assess your skills well and give you proper feedback due to their unfamiliarity with Indian accents.
  5. Youtube preparation for PTE Academic has shown positive results for merely few students, only few students find youtube videos are alternative for pte training classes conducted by an reputed institute or trainer, it is undeniable fact that youtube tutorials on pte cannot give you precise inputs, guidance also, they are of no use when you have queries.

" Frequently Asked Questions "

When you get 79/90 in speaking, writing, reading and listening sections of PTE Academic you get 20 eligibility points added to your Australia PR, which enhances your chances of getting the PR. 

When you get 65/90 in speaking, writing, reading and listening sections of PTE Academic you just get 10 eligibility points added to your Australia PR.

No, PTE Academic is not accepted as a language test for Canada Immigration purpose.

Both are equally effective modes to crack PTE Academic, however, it depends on you. Online PTE training saves travelling time, energy and expenses which can be invested in preparation.

We have our own online PTE preparation platform, for unlimited practice, unlike many material sources our material is redundant since we have dedicated R&D team which keeps the material both updated and relevant to pte preparation.

The new batch starts every Monday, however, you can take free experience session and enroll any day of the week.

We make sure that less than 10 students join the session in each mode. 

Please join or watch an experience session, you will gain confidence.

We have tools and plans exclusively designed after years of research that help the working professionals to balance the work and preparation both.

Get a FREE demo right now!

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