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Challenges faced by Indian students in Australia

Challeges in Indian students in Australia
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Challenges faced by Indian students in Australia

Generally, the Indian students in Australia are happy, however, there have been some reports of challenges faced by Indian students in Australia in recent years, such as:
Challenge No.1 Racism and discrimination: Some Indian students have reported experiencing racial discrimination and harassment, which can negatively impact their overall experience in Australia.
Challenge No.2 Financial difficulties: Studying abroad can be expensive, and some Indian students may struggle to make ends meet or find adequate employment to support themselves.
Challenge No.3 Homesickness: Being away from home and loved ones can be difficult for some international students, including those from India, leading to feelings of loneliness and homesickness.
Challenge No.4 Cultural differences: Adjusting to a new culture, language, and way of life can be a challenge for international students, including those from India.
Challenge No.5 PTE score for PR: After finishing the graduation and enjoying the temporary resident status, the students look for permanent settlement via point based immigration system to get Australia PR, for which the PTE Academic test score of 65 or 79 marks are required. Majority of the students don’t clear the pte exam, due to many reasons. We at www.bestptecoaching.com provide students everything they need to crack the pte.

It’s important to remember that these challenges are not exclusive to Indian students, and that many international students face similar difficulties when studying abroad. Additionally, there are many resources and support systems available to international students to help them overcome these challenges and have a positive experience while studying in Australia.

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