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IELTS vs PTE Simplest Comparison ever!!

PTE VS IELTS Simplest comparison
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IELTS vs PTE Simplest Comparison ever!!

In a nutshell the main difference between IELTS and PTE Academic is that pte is truly a computer based exam which assessed by the AI machine whereas the IELTS Paper based and Computer Delivered tests Reading, Listening are automated.

Now let’s compare these popular English exams on these criteria.


  1. IELTS vs PTE Score Comparison.
  2. Fee

  3. Acceptance

  4. Duration.

  5. Marking. 
  6. Result time.

IELTS vs PTE Academic Score Comparison:

IELTS Scores are calculated between 0-9 bands, while the PTE Academic scores are calculated between 10-90 using Global Scale of English. 

IELTS vs PTE Test fee :

The test fee of IELTS in India is Rs.14000/- and the PTE Academic fee is Rs.13300/- both prices are inclusive of applicable GST.

IELTS vs PTE Exam Duration: 

IELTS Duration : 170 minutes Max.

 Writing: 60mins + Reading 60mins + Listening 30-36 mins+ Speaking 11-14 mins.

PTE Academic: 3 Hours Max

Speaking 30-35minutes + Writing 40-60mins + Reading 32-41mins + Listening 45-57 mins.

IELTS vs PTE Marking / Assessment.

IELTS writing and speaking are marked by English experts, using global marking standards, while, reading and listening are auto-marked.

PTE Academic Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing are marked using the automated scoring system which uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

To Learn more about PTE Marking click here. 

IELTS vs PTE Result time.

IELTS Paper Based Result time is 13 days after finishing the exam, while IELTS Computer delivered result time is 3-5 working days.

PTE Academic result time is within 5 working days while majority of the test-takers get the result within 48 hours which is super-quick. 

Explore more about pte results 

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